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Langaa RPCIG 2009 Annual Report: Objectives and Overview of Results

Tuesday 2 March 2010

Objective 1: Increase publications output by thirty books
Results: A total of 49 titles were published in 2009, compared to 37 in 2008 and 9 in 2007 for a total of 95 by the end of 2009.

Objective 2: Expand books to include non-Cameroonian authors
Results: Books were published from Cameroon, in addition to two plays by Diki from Zimbabwe; a book by Yanou on access to land in South Africa; a book in French by Dieng on francophone Black African literature; and a book on mobile phones in Burkina Faso, Sudan, Tanzania and other countries. These in addition, in 2008, to a book on urban transformation in Malawi and one on the use of computers in schools in Benin, Mali, Ghana and Senegal.

Objective 3: Acquire technology and equipment
Results: A computer was donated to one of the volunteer page formatters.

Objective 4: Acquire funding for both publishing and research
Results: Research continued with universities in Africa and with the African Studies Centre at Leiden University. A small grant was received from IDRC for publishing.

Objective 5: Solicit collaboration and cooperation, together with raising awareness about the initiative
Results: A contribution was received from a librarian in the south of the Netherlands upon her retirement, along with a contribution from the Dordrecht-Bamenda Foundation, to make Langaa books available in several school libraries in Cameroon. Awareness of Langaa was raised through the launch of a web site which is updated weekly and now receives 220 visitors per day.

See online: Download the full report here