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Piet Konings Donates Personal Library to Langaa

Monday 28 January 2013

Piet Koning’s Message to Students and Scholars of Cameroon and Africa

Whatever I might have achieved in my scientific career, I owe to a large extent to Africa. Since my official retirement a few years ago, I have been wondering whether there is anything I could do in return, and the idea emerged that a donation of my own library to an institution in Anglophone Cameroon, where I have lived and worked for a considerable period of my life, could be a valuable contribution to the advancement of the scientific careers of the next generation of scholars in the region.

I am particularly grateful to Langaa, which is rapidly becoming one of the most prestigious research and publishing centres in Africa, for having created space for my books within its own building in Buea in the form of a reading room. The vast majority of my books deal with socio-cultural, economic and political developments in Africa, with special attention to the various forms of struggles of the masses of the population for freedom and a better existence. I sincerely hope that local students and researchers may benefit in their own research projects of the lessons of these historical development efforts.

Piet Konings
African Studies Centre Leiden
27th January 2013

See online: Piet Konings Donates Personal Library to Langaa