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Manuscript Submission

Latest addition : 14 June 2011.

Dear Author,

Your manuscript will be reviewed by Langaa’s editorial team, led by the managing editor. Your answers to this questionnaire will provide us with contact information for our records, for Cataloguing in Publication (CIP), and for opening a marketing file for your book, should your manuscript be accepted for publication.

Please submit your manuscript with the completed Author Questionnaire to editor@langaa-rpcig.net. You will be contacted by email, one way or the other, regarding your manuscript.

If your manuscript is accepted for publication, after work on it by the editorial team, it will be handed over to the production team, which will prepare your book for printing, a process that normally takes about six months. When your book goes into production, the marketing team will send you a Promotion Questionnaire to gather information for marketing your book.

Do keep in touch, ask any questions, and inform us of any changes in the information provided.