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Latest addition : 25 May 2009.

Langaa encourages basic and applied research relevant to local and global living, conceptualized, conducted, and shared in a spirit of interdependence and panafricansim. Its research themes reflect new developments in social sciences. Projects are designed to understand society and inform policy and practice, with a focus on Cameroon and interrelations with other countries in Africa.

Research feeds into Langaa’s publication programme which in turn, in relation with readers, generates new ideas and partners for further research. Langaa research processes are highly participatory and interactive, involving as researchers members of the communities studied.

Policy outreach includes informal and formal discussions with local and national decision makers. Langaa tries to make research part of everyday life through reading clubs, book fairs, and scholarly publications and fiction in school and university libraries and bookstores. Writings informed by research, authored by Cameroonians and other Africans, and relevant to the local cultural context contribute to a revalorisation and appropriation of African culture by youth and persons of all ages. In this way, Langaa research and publishing contribute to education, lifelong learning, and empowerment for all.